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Weird October National Holidays

October is the month of Halloween, with people thinking about all kinds of fall and Halloween-related objects. But do they think about people named Kevin? Produce misting? They should, as October is the month of National Kevin Day, National Produce Misting Day, and more. Perhaps people can learn about weird national holidays this month and possibly look into other months.

National Produce Misting Day celebrates the misting of produce in grocery stores on October 2. Misting produce helps to maintain moisture during their shelf lives and gives the appearance of freshness, making the produce look better. However, too much misting can cause the produce to rot. National Produce Misting Day supposedly celebrates the innovation of ensuring produce stays fresh.

National Produce Misting Day is not widely known. “No, I’ve never heard of National Produce Misting Day,” Julianna, a student at Leonia High School, states, “Celebrating produce misting is kind of random, but I guess it helps produce.” And it does, as providing produce with moisture causes less wilting and better-looking produce that has a better chance of being bought.

National Kevin Day/National Hug a Kevin Day is a holiday for Kevins and/or hugging them. National Today states, “National Kevin Day aka National Hug-a-Kevin Day… takes place on October 3 or April 20, depending on how much traffic social media users generate for either day”, contradicting themselves by also saying National Hug a Kevin Day is October 10.

National Kevin Day originated from ABC’s promotion for Kevin (Probably) Saves the World. However, it’s not very popular. Daniel Chong, a sophomore at Leonia High School, reveals he was unaware, a few others agreeing. He states, “We should celebrate National Kevin Day by having more people know and hugging Kevins.” When asked, he said, “It’s just something to have fun with.”

National Kevin Day and National Produce Misting Day are only two examples of weird national holidays in October. Others include National Kiss a Wrestler Day, National Moldy Cheese Day (not National Blue Cheese Day), National Hug a Drummer, and National Get Funky Day. There are plenty of random ones to celebrate for fun, including others in other months.

Why celebrate weird national holidays? It’s fun to find the weirdest national holidays of the day or month. Questioning the origins of random national holidays can be an amusing discussion topic amongst people. And sometimes Kevins just need to be appreciated. You should start celebrating these obscure holidays from now on, and not just the ones in October.