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Diwali In Leonia

    Diwali is a very popular Hindu festival that is also known as the festival of lights,and symbolizes the spiritual “Victory Of Light Over Darkness, Good Over Evil, And Knowledge Over Ignorance.” I celebrated it with friends and family on October 22  . The food that was there was traditional Indian food such as curry chicken, coconut rice and roti,etc. There were diwali diyas everywhere around the house as well as other candles, and all of the parents were wearing traditional Indian clothes.

      Abir Bhatacharya stated “The party was a really fun time, it had two different sides to it which made it really fun. There was enough cultural stuff in it but also enough youthful fun to it which made it a really fun time. I was really happy I was able to host this party and I wish to have many more of these. It was an amazing experience and I loved to see people enjoying the party that I hosted. It is such an amazing feeling.”

      Veerrajsinh Parmar said “It was very fascinating and fun as I enjoyed a very fun time with friends while celebrating culture that I haven’t celebrated in a while.”

     Lastly, Aidan George stated, “I had such a great time it was so nice to hang out with friends in not such a formal school setting. I loved all the traditional food that was there. It was delicious and made with care.” The conversations that were taking place just reminded me of how much I love Indian culture and how fun it is to go to Hindu celebrations. I haven’t gone to one in a while so I was really happy to hear when Abir said he was hosting one with many of my friends.

      Overall the ”festival” was really fun and everyone that went to it had a great time. It was a really good bonding time to get to know about your culture in a fun way as well as people from my school that I don’t talk to. I don’t know why Leonia doesn’t have a diwali festival of their own considering the large population of people that celebrate it. The party also opened up a side of people I haven’t seen before because I only know them on a school basis.