Student Life

New Club Alert: The Crochet and Knitting Club

Crochet and knitting have been hobbies for years, and recently, students at Leonia High School have had access to a brand new Crochet & Knitting Club. We meet every Wednesday in room S1107, planning to unwind, learning how to create crafts, and creating a sense of community. This gives LHS students a way to express their creativity through crafts with minimal supplies needed and doubles as a way for students to meet new people. 

The club was founded by Anna Kim (me), a freshman at Leonia High School. Since learning how to crochet and knit from a young age, I always wanted to share this hobby with friends and new people as well.  I’ve always wished for an environment where people were able to craft and socialize as well! To be able to create this club is a great privilege that I thank Leonia High School for allowing me to do so. 

“It can help people learn new skills and give them the good feeling of donating,” says Angel Gomerez, a freshman at LHS.

The club is open to all students regardless of experience. Without the need of any previous knowledge, it is a great opportunity to learn new hobbies compared to other clubs. During meetings, people learn how to crochet and knit with a calming atmosphere and are able to unwind from 3:15-4:00.Through the soothing craft, the club is also able to participate in mental health days such as SEL Days. Angel  also commented that crochet and knitting gives people something precise to do with their hands  which improves concentration and stress. 

The Crochet & Knitting Club plans to donate new knit and crochet garments to organizations such as Knots of Love and Lioness Project. The main focus for the remaining school year is teaching students and further expanding their knowledge on crocheting and knitting. After more people learn and enhance their skills, the club is arranging to sell  projects to students and then donate them to more charities and organizations. 

“[A way t the club can be as successful is to get a social media account and advertise it there. You could make Tik Toks like ‘cute things we made in crochet club,’’ says Katerina Romanides, a sophomore at Leonia High School. 

To make the club as successful and last the longest as possible, the club is working on a way for more students to join and for the upcoming freshmans to be involved as well. Having social media accounts and advertising there could possibly make the club last after the club organizers graduate. However, Angel Gomerez comments that Leonia High School does not properly  advertise the available clubs. Bringing more attention to the club instead of depending on the school to do so can also be a way for the club to be as successful as possible. As a whole, the school community should give more attention to clubs in general. For example, open house night could occur more frequently instead of just one night for students. 

Not only can the newly found club be helpful for charity events, but mental health can also be improved. The improvement of mental health through crocheting and knitting is key for the club’s motive. Having a craft to do instead of doing nothing keeps students accompanied and left with a sense of accomplishment after finishing a project. Incorporating crocheting and knitting into SEL day or any mental health awareness day can add a new and fun way to  relax. 

In conclusion, the new addition of Crochet and Knitting Club at Leonia High School,brings only good things with it, whether it be donations to charity or improving mental health. Spreading the mental health benefits to young students leads to a more comforting school environment. Making school a more comfortable atmosphere, students can be encouraged to go to school.  With a shared passion and hobby for students to have, together the club will have  an extremely positive effect on the community.