Student Life

Spring Slump

The students at Leonia High School are all thrilled that springtime is finally here. Although everyone is mentally finished with school at this point, there is still work and tests that need to be done. The lack of motivation towards finishing work and projects at this time of year can be referred to as “spring slump”. Students and teachers at Leonia High School were interviewed on their opinions and stances when it comes to spring and how it impacts their work ethic.
Springtime is a time of year where students and adults are ready to get outside and not worry about the work they have to do. It is loaded with world and testing, so it does not pair well with how everyone is feeling. The so-called ”spring slump” is when students lose their motivation when it comes to school work because they would rather be outside socializing in the nice weather. There are ways to overcome this spring slump like doing your work outside, finding a good balance between working and doing what you like, and keeping a positive attitude. A change in mindset while working during the spring allows students to feel less stressed and can still have a good time while getting work done.
Freshman Anna Kim was interviewed about her take on spring slump. When asked what makes her feel this slump the most, she answered with the fact that summer is near makes her feel burnt out and lacks the motivation to do her work. She was also asked if she has more trouble focusing, and she replied that she did because the school’s ACs sometimes do not work and therefore she feels the heat more and is unable to focus as well as she normally could. To conclude her interview, she was asked what changes could be made to possibly help out with this spring slump, and she suggested that more efficient AC units would be helpful so that people including herself can feel more comfortable while working.
Freshman Angel Gomerez was also interviewed about his views on spring slump. He said that his allergies and the increased workload from teachers make him feel it the most during this time of year. When asked if he had trouble focusing, Angel replied that he loses focus more because he wants to focus on the sports he enjoys since it is nice enough to play them again. Similarly to Anna, he believes that more efficient AC units in the school would help students focus more and feel more comfortable.
Ms. Seavers and Ms. Thorpe were also interviewed. Some of the questions do not pertain to them, but they were able to suggest a way to increase work ethic, or at least feel better while working. They both suggested that working outside while the weather is nice could help a lot. It is a calm environment and working while you’re in an environment that is comfortable for you can make you work more efficiently and increase productivity.
Although it is tough to work during this time of year because of the nice weather, looking forward to summer, and wanting to go outside and socialize, it is important to find a good balance between doing the things you enjoy and still getting your work done. It is possible to make it through the school year, but a little bit more effort has to be put in in order to not completely spiral. With summer around the corner, students can use that as a motivation to get their work done so that they can enjoy a stress free summer.