Student Life

Thanksgiving Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November. It is known as the best time of the year to give thanks for everything you are grateful for and this year, it falls on November the 23rd.

It’s also a day when many family and friends gather in one house and spend time together. They may enjoy delectable meals while bonding- something about the Thanksgiving turkey and the fall atmosphere brings families together in ways that other times of the year can’t.

Here are some things that Leonia Lions are thankful for:

Senior Melakai Aligo is most grateful for “My college applications being over” while fellow senior Regan Lynch is thankful that “My senior year is going well.” Adam Ignacio ‘24 says he is most thankful for “My girlfriend” and Hannah Yun ‘24 is most thankful for “My cute dog.” 

Junior Daniel Hussein is most thankful for “My pookie bears” and fellow junior Eden Maciariello is most grateful for “My boyfriend.” Samantha Giangarra ‘25 is most thankful for “My dog, Biscuit” and Manuella Sanchez ‘25 is most grateful for “surviving junior year.” 

Sophomore Jayden Cui ‘26 is most thankful for “hot chips” while fellow sophomore Stella Tsang is most thankful for “food” and Patrik Pascual ‘26 is most grateful for “My friends… last year was rough.” Finally, Olivia Kim ’26 is most grateful for “Emily, for being able to interview all these beautiful people.”

Freshman Nadine Abdel-Razek ‘27 is most thankful for “The break from school,” Allie Grandison ‘27 is most thankful for “My family,” Sophie Martinez ‘27 “My teachers and education”, and Klaire Chien ‘27 is most thankful for “God and my religious beliefs.” Fellow freshmen Nikoloz Rogava and Milo Skibola are most both grateful for “My bae.” Additionally, Vivian Luft ‘27 is most thankful for “My friends who have always had my back over the years,”  and Christian Harshman Smith is most thankful for “My mom and everything she has done for me.” 

Teachers were interviewed in addition to students. Ms. Millar, English teacher at Leonia High School, states she is most grateful for “My brother is coming to spend Thanksgiving in New Jersey.” In addition, Ms. Kelty, history teacher, is most thankful for “Working with people who always support me, having a career that I love, and all the different opportunities that I’ve been given.” 

Most people usually do not take a moment to recognize and be grateful for everything and everyone they have. Many things and people in life tend to be taken for granted, so it is important to take a moment to go over everything you are grateful for on Thanksgiving. 

Whether you’re thankful for your family, relationships, or anything else in your life, use this upcoming holiday to reflect and express your gratitude for the people you have, and have a happy Thanksgiving!




Article by Klaire Chien ’27 and Emily Ignacio ’27