Student Life

Limelighters Presents: Mamma Mia!

This spring musical is a blast. Super energetic, a crowd favorite, and just an overall amazing choice of show: Mamma Mia! The story takes place on a Greek island, following Sophie Sheridan, a young girl who is set to get married to her partner Sky. Her mother Donna Sheridan, single and free (as Donna likes to say), has had a few male encounters in her past, which resulted in her not actually knowing who the father of her daughter is. Is it Sam Carmichael, Bill Austin, or Harry (Headbanger) Bright? Sophie decides to take matters into her own hands, as all she dreams of is a white wedding, where her real father can give her away. Therefore, she invites the three men to her wedding in hopes of rekindling their past and figuring out who was Donna’s lover at the time of Sophie’s birth. You will have to come see the show to find out how it all ends! The dates are April 27th, 28th, and 29th.

While the musical seems far away, for the Limelighters, time seems to be moving at an extremely rapid pace. Talking to Senior President of the club Emilia Morello, she says, “Our current biggest struggle is working against time and putting together the best show possible in the time we have.” Being that there are multiple upcoming days where there will be no rehearsal such as Spring Break coming up, the music department trip to Washington D.C. The crew is in a time crunch. 

While the group may be facing certain struggles as far as the overall creation, cast members are ecstatic to perform this wonderful show. Another member of the cast says, “I am most looking forward to showcasing all of our cast members and crew’s talent, ultimately showing the audience and the school what we can do.” 

As a whole the group is working to fight time and create a beautiful finished product. Though certain aspects may be challenging, coming together as a team has had tremendous benefit towards the overall success of the club. A special acknowledgement to the seniors in the show; Emilia Morello, Victoria Grabois, Daniel Ko, Christian Arreachea, and Sophia Perri, as well as all of the seniors in stage crew! It is bittersweet that this is their final show with the club, as they look back on past performances. They hope you come see the show!