Student Life

For the Freshman

Starting a new chapter in your life can be filled with mixed emotions and various worries, but it can also be filled with countless opportunities and new adventures! Welcome to Highschool, Freshman. The next four years are going to be whatever you make it to be. As a senior, I can confidently say that I do have wise words and advice to share with you and so do my peers.

    A little background story – when I was a freshman I remember my peer leadership group, I remember walking into our big gymnasium and just seeing all of the seniors standing around, talking and all I could think about was how scared I was to start this new journey. I had a great peer leadership group. My peer leaders definitely prepared me for high school with advice they gave me, but unfortunately, I didn’t really listen to what they had to say up until my junior year. My goal with writing this article is to help you not make the same mistake. 

     Your high school experience depends on your attitude and mindset towards your education and also towards your friends and if you’re an athlete, sports. To have a successful freshman year my advice for you is to take your freshman year courses seriously. Just because it’s freshman year doesn’t mean it isn’t important, in fact, it’s the most important year. Not only is this my advice to you but also my classmate Nicole Sim agrees, she says “Freshman year grades are the most important other than junior year. Don’t slack during your freshman year!” 

One essential skill that you do need to have as a highschool student is time management because there will be times that a lot of work will be thrown at you, don’t panic! It is stressful at first, but it is nothing you can’t overcome. Come up with a schedule and routine, you will work better and efficiently if you manage your time. 

Other than my advice on keeping up with your education, one big thing many kids struggle with in highschool is drama, friends, relationships. I have been through my fair share of changes during highschool, one thing I can say is that I am not friends with the people I entered highschool with and that is ok, actually that is normal. Don’t let it affect you in a negative way and don’t let it stop you from working hard in your classes. No drama is worth for you to slack and fail a class. From the wise words of Laura Alba “Don’t bring in 8th grade drama into highschool, it’s not worth it and in a year you won’t even remember what the drama was about.” High School is filled with drama that is nothing new but, if you aren’t involved in the first place my advice is to not get yourself involved. 

High School is different for everyone, everyone experiences this chapter of life differently. Some say it was the best time of their life and then there are others who completely dreaded it. This article was written in hope of making your high school experience memorable. Even though the freshman class of 2020-2021 started out differently than expected due to the pandemic, you still have 4 years to make memorable memories! No one can predict your future, but only you can set yourself up for a successful and joyful 4 years. Take the advice or leave it, only you will know what happens next.