Student Life

Thoughts from Freshmen

Entering high school can be a drastic change for some freshmen. Many freshmen have brought up the drastic change between middle school and , they all can agree that it has been a substantial change, from the amount of work to impacting their social lives.

When freshmen were asked how they felt about the class of 2023 joke they reacted positively and even said they enjoyed the jokes. The jokes consisted of generalizing the students and basing it off of stereotypes that are commonly seen online. Taylar Greene responded to this with, “It was really funny when it first started because its like ‘wow we are a terrible generation.’”. They other freshmen though similarly of the jokes and concluded that they also enjoyed seeing the jokes.

Freshmen were asked if now that they started high school they have had more difficulty managing their time. They all said yes collectively, Patrice Pascual expanded by saying “it becomes more difficult because of all the extracurriculars and how to prioritize one event over another.” She spoke about how it was troubling to balance out the work between both stage crew and women’s choir because of the amount of work she needed to manage.

Lastly, I asked how starting high school has affected their social lives. Patrice responded to the question by saying, “I was like, ‘Mom, all I’ve been doing this week and last week is nothing but homework.’” She also elaborated on how many of her friends have conflicting schedules so it is proving to be difficult to go out with friends and see people.
Marina Wong also said, “I used to go out like everyday last year, since we barely had any work.” She makes the point of receiving more than she did in middle school and how she is adjusting to high school.

Freshmen agreed that they preferred high school over middle school despite the quantity of work they receive. They also took into account some of the differences like having more freedom, specifically lunch, and more strict deadlines for assignments.

Some advice for future freshmen is:

  • don’t overwhelm yourself with too many classes
  • learn to manage your time
  • enjoy your freshman year – you are only a high school freshman once.