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Race For More Space

Throughout the past three years, Leonia High School itself has seen many changes. From the new array of students coming in, to the old ones graduating and moving on to their adult lives, the structure of the building and many additions have been made. Although Leonia continues to further make improvements to their schools, they sometimes lack oversight of other things that may benefit the general comfort of students.

For example, just last year a new culinary wing was added, and it did help make things easier with modern technologies, but as the freshmen classes keep on growing in numbers, it’s now beginning to become crowded in halls and classrooms themselves. Senior Kyra Melizanis was quoted saying, “The freshman class just keeps getting bigger and that there is less room for staff and upperclassmen”. I then took the opportunity to ask how has Leonia High School changed in comparison to her freshman year, and she responded, “They took away the chairs and tables that used to be in the hallways. Those were a really nice addition to the school because you were always able to find somewhere to lounge”.

Other seniors seem to share similar concerns, because when asked what should the administration do to address rising student numbers, Marielle Odenthal was quick to say, “We should fund for more space and organization within the school. It would make things a lot easier when you’re in a rush to your next class or simply just not in the mood to be in a cramped environment”. It’s unfortunate to hear some of these criticisms, but then again I believe every school has room for growth and Leonia is no exception. The future is however then again far from now, and there is no rush to create the perfect school all in the span of a year. Patience and understanding are all that can be asked for from the administration and students alike.