Student Life

The Leonia Football Legacy

Leonia High School’s varsity football team, a mix of Leonia and Palisades Park have some hardworking and talented upperclassman. Some have been on the team for 3-4 seasons. Learning about their experience as some of the veteran players that young freshman and sophomores look up to. A historic moment for the team acurd in their most recent game. After having no wins for 2 seasons, the Tigers team came together to get a 28-12 win at their senior night football game.


As well as learning about their take on the current season. Many students attend our varsity football games and have high hopes for a season turn around after a winning game.This is relevant because they are currently heading toward the middle of their season and if they play stronger after their first few games they just might be able to turn their season around.y


The upperclassmen on the team can help their team see the positive side of the season and what their young teammates can do to follow in their footsteps and keep the legacy of the current juniors and seniors going. The captains of the team not only have skill but also tremendous passion. They have impacted the passed few years of leonia football but most important their last. Some teams take wins for granted, when on the other hand the Tigers learn to appreciate every win as if it is their first and last.