Student Life

Senioritis Makes a Comeback in the New School Year

On September 6, 2022, a new school year for the high school students of Leonia and Edgewater kicked off and for the class of 2023, so did a new diagnosis of “Senioritis” (noun: an affliction suffered by seniors characterized by a steady loss of motivation). With much more freedom and fewer classes, there is a swirl of emotions returning with the back-to-school spirit.

Senior Angelica Jordao has mixed feelings about being a senior. She worries about losing strong connections that she’s made over the last four years but is excited for the start of a new chapter in her life. When asked about going through senioritis, senior Ethan Coskay claimed that it hasn’t affected him yet, and his lack of free periods doesn’t give him time to slack off. Senior Jared Hernandez, however, can’t say the same. He claims that he is suffering terribly from senioritis and has not done a single assignment.

With a new school year and one last dance for seniors, there comes new goals and aspirations. Ethan Coskay is excited to make school history, as he expressed his excitement to be able to play for Leonia High School’s first ever hockey team. Others like Kyle Rozario have different ideas, as his main focus is to finish the year strong with good grades and get into an good college, as well as have some fun “getting all the girls.”

There are many things to be excited about, especially if you have some fun classes or clubs. Senior Victoria Grabois is excited for everything chorus or limelighter-related. Angelica Jordao is excited for the music trip to Washington DC, which will take place in March of this school year. Overall, it is an exciting final year for the class of 2023, and a new school year full of adventure for everyone else.