Student Life

Do Senior Privileges Really Exist?

Do the four long years of high school have a rewarding end? 

Senior Year! The time everyone looks forward to since we’re incoming freshman. The months of deciding what colleges we’re going to build our future on. The college acceptance and rejection letters, the SATs and ACTs that are pending to be sent out, but most of all SENIOR PRIVILEGES. What are they you say? Let’s continue and find out…

Senior Privileges in Leonia High School are very distinct and hidden, but once you find them they’re golden. In LHS, our senior privileges include senior week, internships/externships, and free periods. Senior week, being the most prominent of them all, is when the seniors spend an entire week in June creating the most memorable memories together in LHS. In addition, internships/externships allow seniors to taste a bit of the workforce and all the responsibilities that accompany them. This goes hand in hand with free periods given to the seniors, and allow students to have valuable time to be productive. 

When interviewing a fellow Senior, Brandon Brito, we hit topics based on how he views senior privileges at LHS. We listed a few of the privileges already present in our school such as a lighter workload, senior week, etc. He listed a few of the cons as well, such as no pep-rallies or private lounge. Overall, Brito’s main goal is to implement school spirit at LHS, especially within our senior class. He touched base on issues such as no senior pranks or ditch day. He feels that within reason these pranks should be allowed. As Brito stated, “Overall, LHS is a great school filled with great people. However, we don’t have enough school spirit, but this year I’m aiming for a memorable year at LHS…Brito OUT.

Another senior, Kyra Melizanis, took time to share her input on senior privileges. Kyra stated, “Honestly, LHS lacks stereotypical senior privileges other schools may have, but the privileges we do have should be taken advantage of.” She elaborated on the fact that senior week, in LHS, is not present in other schools, so we also have privileges not found around surrounding districts. 


Last, but certainly not least, Mia Nocero shared her personal opinion about senior privileges, stating, “Honestly, being a senior is ultimately a privilege in itself. Being able to prosper and move on to the next chapter in our lives, is the biggest privilege of being a senior. Not everyone has the chance.” On that note, let’s appreciate the privileges we do have, and not dwell on what’s missing. Let’s make 2019-2020 the best school year yet!