Student Life

The Hunt for LHS’s Vending Machines

In Leonia High School, the vending machines are an easy and affordable way for students to buy a snack and have a little boost in their day. From personal research, in the case where a student missed a meal like breakfast or lunch, the vending machines help a lot. However, some have bad snacks or snacks you’re not in the mood for. Unfortunately, the vending machines have a weird formation where two are close to each other and the third is a minute walk away, which is why some people simply don’t buy anything from them. Students in the art rooms, north wing, south wing, and classrooms near the cafeteria use up valuable bathroom time to go to the vending machine most of the time or just don’t go.

Freshman Anna Kim agrees that vending machines need to be placed around more or that there should be more in general. Some specific areas where Anna said vending machine should be are the cafeteria and the new wing. The vending machines could and should be placed there because there are little spots alcoves that could be used to house the machines where they would not take up much-needed space. Another suggestion is an extra vending machine on the first floor of the school because the vending machine near the gym isn’t the easiest to access.  

While everyone can agree that the vending machines are a privilege to have in the school, the student body would like to see some more strategic placement of these machines.