Student Life

Leonia’s Cafeteria Food

School Cafeteria food is internationally known as gross and tasteless food with low nutritional value. For breakfast, the cafeteria serves assorted breakfast sandwiches. For lunch, there is a variation of sandwiches and different hot lunches served everyday. Prior to Michelle Obama’s push to make school lunch nutritious, school food was often overly-processed and simply heated up, not made from scratch. Since these regulations have been slowly rolled back, eating food from a school cafeteria is not generally healthy for youngsters, and can cause high cholesterol.

At Leonia High School, students have a choice between the classic (sometimes) greasy hot lunch, fruits, sandwiches, or wraps. But what do students really think about the food they are being served?

“It stinks! I hate it! I would rather eat McDonalds everyday for the rest of my life than eat the Cafeteria food!” says Sydney Keller, a senior at the high school.

Annabelle Cruickshank on the other hand stated, “I don’t really care about the cafeteria food, since I don’t eat it anyways.”

Grace Gargiulo has an unpopular opinion as she stated “I actually like it! It’s super cheap and most of the meals actually taste great. I try not to eat it too often because I know it isn’t the healthiest option, but I surely don’t mind eating it!”

Aside from Grace, most children would agree that cafeteria food is certainly not their favorite thing to eat. There is no easy way to improve the the taste of school lunch, but improving the nutritional value is do-able. A solution would be to open a salad or fruit bar, to provide fresh, yet still inexpensive produce. A perk to school lunch is definitely the price. It is an affordable way to feed children whose parents do not necessarily have time to make breakfast and lunch for them.

Altogether, school lunch at Leonia may not have the best nutritional value, and it isn’t adored by the pupils, but it certainly is a reliable option for kids looking for an inexpensive and somewhat tasty lunch.