Student Life

Technology In School

Technology has helped students and teachers advance the education system. Both teaching and learning has become more efficient because of technology. There are many  different ways that technology is used for educational purposes in and also out of the classroom. In the classroom teachers use smart boards to portray a lesson easier. This makes both the teachers’ job easier and the students lesson more accessible. Students have access to chromebooks, these chromebooks allow students to type and do different online assignments more efficiently. Students could also hand in assignments to their teacher through the chromebooks which is very useful because the student can communicate with their teachers as well as hand in assignments from home which gives extended time for the work to be done.

In an interview with Maureen Velasquez a student she claimed “ I find technology useful in school like the use of chromebooks because it’s easier to research and access things online that is needed and it also helps when wanting to communicate with teachers and other classmates when you need to, I often use chromebooks through out my day to help me with my assignments.”

What this conveys is how students really do benefit from technology in school. By having access to the internet in school it is very easy to research things and learn more about school topics right in the classroom. Participation can actually improve when using technology, classwork assignments can be handed out that way and handed in online.

The way we use technology for school from home is from Google classroom where you could also do assignments given from your teacher and turn it in from home. Also now more people have  been doing online school from there home. How this works is you sign up for classes online you could sign up with your local school. Students can access textbooks from online for different purposes from home, this is much easier than carrying around the actual textbook. With technology in the classroom students have instant information about any event. There are so many positive ways that technology could help improve schools, the education system has been the same for a long time and technology is finally changing that.