Student Life

Spirit Week

For the first time ever, Spirit Week has been added to the school events calendar. Despite not having pep rallies or much school spirit, Spirit Week will provide students with a more traditional high school experience. From wacky wednesday to sports friday, students will be able to express themselves and dress in a unique, fun way. Here is what happened during Spirit Week.

Senate came up with these ideas for Spirit Week:

Monday – meme day

Tuesday – twin day

Wednesday – wacky wednesday

Thursday – throwback thursday

Friday – sports/music friday

On Monday, students dressed up as their favorite meme, which is a humorous image or video seen on social media or passed on by other internet users. Grace Gargiulo, senior senate and science academy student dressed as a chicken nugget which is seen on Twitter. Other students dressed up as someone from their favorite tv show that is a meme or anything else they found humorous. On twin day, students dressed up with the same outfit as their friend or friend group.Wacky Wednesday consisted of students to wear mismatched socks and wacky shirts. On Thursday, students dressed up as someone from the 80s or from a tv show. Sydney Keller dressed up as someone from Friends while Zachary Miller dressed up as actor from Full House. On Friday, students dressed up as their favorite sports team from soccer to basketball as well as their favorite band or singer.

Now that Spirit Week is over, it is sad to say that not that many student participated. When I asked numerous students why they had not dressed up for Spirit Week they simply responded, “I didn’t want to” or “I didn’t know”. Some students even said that they forgot about it because it was not advertised as much as it should have been. Despite being a senior and leaving the school next year, I hope that for the future students in Senate will advertise Spirit Week in a better way in order to create school spirit in the school for the first time in a while.

While some people do not want to participate in Spirit Week or ruin it as a whole, it is important to realize that Spirit Week will bring Leonia high school students together. Not only will it provide more school spirit but also a chance to express yourselves in a place where students creativity is often felt limited. If you have any ideas on how to make Spirit Week better for next year, ideas should be given to senate.