Student Life

Experiencing Senior Year and Preparing for College!

It’s officially senior year and it’s almost time to begin a new chapter in your life. Before choosing a college and making this big change in your life, it is important to take advantage of this last year and experience all that senior year has to offer. Some events/activities that all seniors should partake in this FALL are as follows:


Sports Games: Football games are a great way to hang out with your friends while cheering on your team! These games usually take place every Friday at the Palisades Park football field. Seniors should take advantage of these games during their last year in LHS. There are a variety of other sports games that students can go to throughout the year, including volleyball, soccer, swimming, and baseball.  


Paw Print Signing: Join your classmates in signing your name on the LHS paw print senior year! This is a fun activity for the senior class to participate in!


Peer Leaders: Seniors have the opportunity to be a mentor for the incoming freshman class! If you feel that you would be able to guide and advise the freshman class, don’t miss this opportunity and apply to be a peer leader! This is a great way to take on a leadership role and give helpful advice, through your own experience about the next four years of high school. 


Homecoming: This November, all Seniors should make sure to attend the homecoming dance! Come and see who, in your senior class, will win homecoming king and queen! A fun event you won’t want to miss!


Clubs: It’s never too late to join clubs! Take this year to join new clubs and take on leadership positions! This is a great year to find clubs that interest you and get involved! There are a variety of clubs including: the Ribbon Club, Art Club, Film Club, Limelighters, Choirs, Book Club, etc. 


I asked Senior,  Zayna Siddiqui what she believed were some ways seniors can better prepare for college and she said, “When applying to college it is important to look impressive by being involved with community service, extra curriculars, and having good grades.” 


Although it is important to make the most out of your senior year, it is time to get serious about college. Seniors need to apply to college as early as November 1st or November 15th (early action/ decision). It may be stressful to decide what college you want to go to. There are just so many options! Some tips to make the whole process less stressful are as follows:


  1. Go on college visits as early as junior year
  2. Make an appointment with your guidance counselor in September
  3. Know your deadlines
  4. Make a checklist
  5. Apply for scholarships as early as possible
  6. Be yourself in your college essay
  7. Don’t procrastinate on your applications


Senior, Mia Nocero says that, “College visits are extremely important because they allow you to picture yourself in that setting and receive more information about a school that you may not even considered.” College visits help you recognize if that’s the right school for you!


Taking these steps as early as possible will allow the process to go much more smoothly. Finding the balance between senior activities and college applications will be the best option when it comes to having  a great year! Best of luck!