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Apple’s New Temptation in Stock

We are heading towards the hectic end of the year 2020, and Apple has come up with a gift for the tech maniacs. From the latest color drops to the unique shape, Apple presents us with new features no one has seen before. Take a look at the most high tech mobile device to be ever made.
The Iphone 12 and the Iphone 12 Mini are out in five different colors: black, blue, green, red, and white. The newest color to the collection is the dark blue, red, and green. On the previous models like the Iphone XR, the shade of red was much more vibrant, unlike the more subtle red tone the 12 offers. The dark blue and green are completely new, and gives off a very modern aesthetic to the model. When a student was asked about the colors of the phone, they responded with: “If I had the option to choose a shade I would go with the new red because it is unique to the new model”(Julia Joung). The prices of the phone does not vary according to the color of the device, allowing the customer to have complete freedom with their choice of color.
(From right to left: black, white, red, green, blue)
To give a basic overview of the features included in the Iphone 12 and the Iphone 12 Pro- the Iphone 12 Pro offers more GB((gigabyte) RAM (storage), than the Iphone 12, but both models include the same features. To start off, the Iphone 12 and Iphone 12 Pro holds all the characteristics of the Iphone 11 plus a sturdy ceramic shield, a new 7-element lens, and better image processing make for a much-improved camera, and finally the fastest and most powerful A14 chip, a 64-bit ARM-based System on a Chip, designed by Apple Inc that controls the storage and speed of the device. The table below compares the height, width, depth, and weight of all the four models of the Iphone 12.

The Iphone 12 has already been released on Apple’s website and different carriers like TMobile, Verizon, and AT&T. Each carrier offers different prices and plans so that the consumer has options to choose from. On the Apple website, the Iphone 12 goes for $799. Furthermore, the Iphone 12 mini, which has the design of the Iphone SE is released on the 13th of November for $699.
If you are a potential customer of Apple and are considering purchasing the Iphone 12, here are some customer reviews to reference from both the good and bad.
-Clear Night mode camera
-Better 4G (and 5G) than ever
-Long lasting battery life
-Several similar, but not-quite-the-same models
-Quite expensive
-Charging and power adapter situation is confusing
(Pros and Cons information from consumer reports)
Overall, customers have a positive attitude regarding the Iphone 12. An anonymous customer left a statement and said: “they are excellent overall—receiving top marks for their improved cameras, OLED displays, and fast performance.”(Pcmag). Another customer left a comment saying: “the camera quality is the best ever, and it also is made with a stronger glass” (Julia Joung). With that I hope every reader got a clear, unbiased idea of the Iphone 12, and made the right decision to purchase Apple’s new boast.