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Global Temperatures Rising

This year’s season of a warm, mild winter was no surprise compared to the trend from the past few years. Global temperatures are said to rise 2.7 degrees celsius by 2050 and have risen 1.0 degrees celsius since the last century. According to the Associated Press, it has been debated whether it would be possible to lower global temperatures by 1.5 degrees celsius, previously agreed upon in the 2015 Paris climate agreement. Experts comment that there are only 8 years left to lower global temperatures before the effects are irreversible.

There stands a large sign displaying a countdown that shows how much time humanity has left to solve the climate change conflict in New York City. This digital display project was used to forecast the message to large numbers of people in a short period. The New York Times says, if the burning of fossil fuels continues at this rate, damages to ecosystems will be unrepairable, and the cost of damages will be in the trillions. Although most contributions towards climate change are large corporations that halt the progression, one individual can make a huge impact. Cutting back on single-use plastics and renewable resources can dramatically help the environment with the cooperation of large corporations.

The vast majority can already feel the lasting effects of the consequences of the reluctance of cutting down on carbon emissions. According to Climate, of these locations, about 97% had a noticeable difference in temperature during the winter since 1970.Beyond these locations, the average increase in winter weather from 1970 to 2022 was 3.3 degrees Fahrenheit. However, opinions from other scientists differ, they comment that weather patterns will become more irregular and unpredictable. Winter temperatures could see a drop and reach exponentially low. Additionally, the emission of greenhouse gasses will continually cause more droughts across the globe and the elevation of more natural disasters, which are likely to come in the upcoming future if the trend continues at this rate.