Disheartening numbers of COVID-19 cases in NJ

The COVID-19 pandemic has formed a new way of living. From walking freely outside to walking with masks at least six feet apart, our world has changed drastically since last March, and it’s suspected to get worse due to recent spikes in the number of positive cases. 


Recent peaks in New Jersey have pushed confirmed cases to over 270,000, an all-time high. With numbers like these, it’s hard to say that the normal from before of leisurely going out without masks and interacting with people will return anytime soon. A total of approximately 14,600 deaths have accumulated thus far, leading to stricter guidelines for the public. 


To eliminate a potential shut down, Governor Phil Murphy has passed new restrictions. In the article, “New Jersey’s COVID-19 case count continues to climb”, Trish Hartman explains counties can control the hours of non-essential businesses after 8:00 p.m. She clarifies that although sitting closer than six feet apart with barriers is allowed, indoor dining after 10:00 p.m. is now prohibited. 


More test centers have opened, one recently in Camden County, New Jersey, to balance the demand for COVID-19 testing. Currently, hospitalizations haven’t risen as exponentially as confirmed cases have, but according to Hartman, many say to brace themselves for the worst. 


Unfortunately, the number of confirmed cases doesn’t seem to be going down as many more test positive for COVID-19. At this time, officials advocate for people to get tested themselves in hopes to eliminate unknown spreadings as stated before. 


A student from Leonia High School anonymously said, “We had a few confirmed cases within our school district too, and it’s unfortunate. Our school has canceled a few events such as homecoming”. It may be a worldwide pandemic but it can be as close as one’s next-door neighbor and as far away as the other side of the world. 


Another anonymous student said, “Regulations are enforced for a reason. This pandemic is not something we can ignore. We all need to pull our efforts in stopping from more spreading”. This isn’t a one-man fight. This could only be overcome if people unite and follow set arrangements not only for the safety of themselves but others as well. 


It’s scary to think that this pandemic isn’t going anywhere, but the number of positive cases points to a future of constant peakings of COVID-19 cases. Many say to be prepared and avoid going out as much as possible, especially during this time.


It’s been about nine months since this outbreak went worldwide and more than ever, confirmed cases in New Jersey have dangerously skyrocketed. As reiterated before, with this second wave, many officials encourage people to stay home and follow safety measures accordingly for the sake of everyone.