Hurricane Irma Destruction

Irma hits hard

Hurricane Irma has been practically turning Florida upside down since September 11th. Stretching about 650 miles, Irma has been ripping houses out of the ground and destroying entire neighborhoods, leaving 4.4 million Floridians have been left without power. The roads all through Florida have been flooded to no end, and the destruction seems to be beyond repair. People from all the way up in South Carolina, to down in Florida are hoping to find gas as fallen trees have blocked roadways. Cleaning debris out of the roads was the biggest challenge for the Floridians. the Keys of Florida were drastically hit by Irma.

The damage Hurricane Irma made was terrible, but the future looks bright. Officials in Florida are looking ahead and planning on restoring the state as quick as possible. Florida’s priority is rebuilding schools, hospitals and other critical infrastructure, the official said. Gas stations and restaurants are next on the plan. They have big plans for the future although it may take a while to fix everything up. A FEMA Administrator Brock Long said “Basically, every house in the Keys was impacted some way.” One fortunate man who stayed on Big Pine Key during Irma, named Darwin Tabacco stated that he and his house made it. Darwin stated “A lot of people lost everything, there’s homes blown off the stilts. There’s power lines down all over the place. Trees completely uprooted. People’s businesses flooded. Septic fields flooding. It’s just terrible.” Not only that, but Transportation officials told that Irma had washed away two sections of US 1,at both mile marker 37 and 75. Fortunately, both have already been repaired. Furthermore, A Florida Police official told reporters at a Broward County news conference that 330,000 out of the 790,000 customers in that county who lost power, had their electricity restored Tuesday.

It is evident that the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma left its mark on Florida and the Keys. However, Florida officials are working toward a new and improved Florida. With all the harm that Irma has caused, it is hard to believe that Floridians are still optimistic. But the Hurricane is gone now, and with a little time and energy, everything will be as good as new.