Science & Technology

Self Driving Cars


  In today’s technologically advanced world, it appears that technology has something to add to every industry. The same is true of transportation, with self-driving cars fast becoming a rapid trend. The concept of self-driving cars has been around for years, but only recently have increasing advances in networking, satellites, and laser equipment made this dream a reality. Several companies have made major investments in the self-driving car market, but Google, Audi, BMW, and Hyundai are so far doing the most testing. On Google models for example, a complex overhead laser guidance system combines with real time satellite data to expertly guide the car under any condition. These advances mean that we may soon be able to sit back and relax the next time we leave the house, letting our car do all the work. While self-driving cars present many incredible advances for consumers, the safety requirements are particularly complicated and may present significant challenges to these cars being made available to the public.

  This new technology may seem unsettling to some, but the pro’s of self driving cars outweigh the minimal concerns people have. The incredibly complicated technology behind self-driving cars lets the on board computer make hundreds of calculations a second. This will reduce the rate of accidents on the road tremendously, creating a safer future. These include how far you are from objects, current speed, behaviour of other cars, and location on the globe. These super accurate readings have virtually eliminated driving errors for test cars on the road. It’ll be years before these self driving cars occupy our roads, but the progress with this technology proves to be promising.

  With new innovations such as robots and self driving vehicles, who knows what technological advancement will be presented next. With new technology, comes heavy price tags, and these self driving cars follow that pattern. In the future, these general public may own this technology, but for now only the super rich and wealthy corporations will have access to them.