Student Life

Transferring to a New High School Senior Year

It’s the first day of senior year. Everyone is heading in, excited to complete their victory lap of high school. Well, almost everyone. Senior transfer students are forced to start entirely fresh, without knowing what to expect. They walk into a brand new school without knowing one person, where anything is. The hardest part of it all is knowing that you’re stuck in this foreign place for a whole year. With the stress of college riding on their backs, seniors are already under a lot of pressure and being new to the school doubles that pressure.

New to Leonia High School this year is Nastasja Radovic, a senior originally from Bergen Tech in Teterboro. We asked her a few questions about her transition. When asked about how she prepared for her new school year, she stated, “Other than buying notebooks and pencils, I didn’t really prepare because I didn’t know what to expect. I was kind of just hoping for the best.” When asked what the advantages and disadvantages of this whole process were, Nastasja responded “I mean the disadvantages are obvious. I’m stressed out enough as it is being a senior, but being a new senior makes life that much harder. It’s unfortunate that I can’t finish high school with the same friends I started it with. I built up a whole life in my old school just to leave it behind and start from the bottom once again. It’s not all bad though, in fact there are some advantages of transferring to a new high school senior year. I get to start with a clean slate, which is a golden opportunity many people don’t get during high school. Not only that, but I have the chance to meet new people and make new memories with people I was never even supposed to meet. As cheesy as it sounds, there is a lot to learn from an experience like this. Being forced to integrate myself in a place where everyone has known each other for year lets me develop social skills that I can use in college and the rest of my life.” Ultimately, while it can be hard transferring to a new school senior year, it certainly has its benefits.