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PandEPIC Movies of 2020

We have all been in quarantine for the majority of 2020, changing all of our lives in some way. As we are all still cautious of the dangers, students need activities that can keep us entertained and safe. Below is a brief overview of the top five movies coming to theaters this year!

Tenet Official Trailer:
With a new, revolutionary genre, Tenet is rated as the most anticipating movie in theaters. The legendary director, Christopher Nolan, has released many other world-famous films such as Dunkirk, Interstellar, and The Dark Knight. Similar to Interstellar, Tenet is a science fiction that takes place in a dystopian reality. The theme of time travel is prominent, as time moves backward for a certain period of time, which is when most of the action occurs. As hard as the theme is to grasp for most viewers, the director has planned Tenet’s intricate idea for over a decade and wrote the screenplay for five years. As highly critics state it, Tenet is an eye awakening movie to see in theaters right now.

2. Mulan
Mulan Official Trailer:
Our childhood favorite- Disney princesses. The first real-life Disney princess was played by Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast. Now, in 2020, Liu Yifei plays Mulan. Although the storyline of Mulan is a bit different from the original cartoon that we are all familiar with, Disney presented us with Chinese backdrops, battles, and feminism.

3. The Croods: A New Age
The Croods: A New Age Official Trailer:
In 2013, 20th Century Fox released a cartoon, adventure film that made every audience fall in love with the unique characters. Set in the Stone Age, the Croods show the hectic journey of a family that takes off to a new land. The new movie tells the story between the cavemen (Croods) and the modern people (Bettermans).

4. Wonder Woman 1984
Wonder Woman 1984 Official Trailer:
With a whopping 93% Rotten Tomato, critics say: “The movie, directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot, shakes off branding imperatives with touches of screwball comedy and romantic adventure”(The NY Times). -A.O. Scott. In the second movie of the series, Wonder Woman’s dead lover, Steve Trevor makes a return exciting the heartbroken fans from the first Wonder Woman movie.

5. The French Dispatch
The French Dispatch Official Trailer:
Starring the newly trending Timothee Chalamet, The French Dispatch tells the story of a European publication company, it is full of comedy and pretty colors. Similar to the pictures from The Grand Budapest Hotel, the movie is filled with various color filters that keep the eyes of the audience entertained.
(A picture of Timothee Chalamet from “The French Dispatch)

There are plenty of other movies such as Black Widow, Train to Busan 2, and Soul that you can be excited about coming to theaters as well. However, because we are still in a pandemic it is critical to follow the safety guidelines of the movie theaters. Masks must be worn at all times, anywhere you go in the theaters, and it is suggested to sit with much space apart from the other audience. There is also a 40% capacity limit in the theaters so that there is enough room for social distancing.
With this, you should take a visit to the theaters for the upcoming movies of 2020, to take a break from the chaotic year of 2020.