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5 Shows on Netflix Leonia High School Students Recommend

Without a doubt, Netflix is an application that many people have and enjoy. Netflix is in the top 10 of worldwide downloads and has millions of shows to broadcast. During quarantine, many people binged episodes and struggled to find new shows. If you are one of those people, Leonia High School students have you covered. When asking LHS students about their favorite shows, I kept in mind how often a specific show was stated. After reading this article, you will have five shows in your queue. 

While watching more and more shows during quarantine, I found out that I was re-watching a ton of series over and over again. Watching a show is something for everyone. Having something on in the background of doing homework, cleaning, or even relaxing is something that everyone should enjoy. I find it significant to find something that you like to entertain yourself.

The most endorsed show from LHS students was Criminal Minds. Mia Zaharov, a freshman, claims that “Criminal Minds is the best show ever.” Criminal Minds is a murder mystery show and has many loved characters. Based on all true events, the crime-solving team is trying to crack the most difficult cases. Criminal Minds is essentially an adult Scooby-Doo. This show does not particularly focus on one main character but rather a team helping one another. Each character has a specific role in the group to try and figure out the mystery. Criminal Minds is a perfect show for not only mystery lovers but anyone looking for a thrill. 

Next on the list is Black Mirror. Black Mirror is a series of individual movie type shows. These shows are about 1-3 hours long and all have futuristic characteristics. If you have ever heard of the Twilight Zone, this is a very similar concept. Black Mirror’s stand-alone drama includes famous artists/actors like Miley Cyrus and Tom Cullen. The show goes through different people’s lives and their hardships in a futuristic format. Black Mirror shows the viewers what the future could be like. While they are not always accurate, they are immensely entertaining. I would recommend this show to everyone no matter what genres you like. Every episode is something different; anyone is guaranteed to go and like one. 

The Good Place is another show that I enjoy. Not many people know about it but they should. There are no other words to describe the show except for great. The Good Place surrounds itself with four main characters who have all died. They are in the afterlife called “The Good Place”. The friends slowly realize that they should not be in the good place. Without having anyone recognize, they try to become better people. As they become better people, they try to fix the system of who will be placed in a good or bad place. This show will end with characters that you will love and adore. The Good Place is hilarious but very suspenseful. Even if comedy is not your thing, The Good Place is a must-watch. 

Although Stranger Things is already a remarkably popular show, it was a must to put on the list. Stranger Things is based in the 1980s and is enjoyed by all viewers. The show is centered around a parallel universe. A group of friends comes across supernatural powers that go against a secret government in the parallel universe. One friend is trapped in this universe and is trying to get out with the help of his friends. Every character has their own set of problems that is detailed and complicated. Stranger Things is a SciFi show with horror features. Many people have heard of Stranger Things but never watched it. I would encourage you to give it a try.

Finally, the last show that LHS students said was their favorite was Dynasty. A CW original is about the rich lives of the Carrington family. The show is about the family’s dynasty and their hardships as a family. The main character strives to be better than her father and have the best company she possibly can. The character development in the show is spectacular and you feel like you know the characters very well. Dynasty is inclusive for all types of people and holds a fabulous plot and storyline. The show’s twists and turns will have people loving it and want to watch it all the time. 

So many new series are coming onto Netflix every month so if there is something on this list that does not interest you, be on the lookout for new shows. I hope you found this article helpful and maybe you found a show.