You And I And The Everything In Nothing

I asked some people what they thought about the nature of their own existences and I got responses like “what?” with that dumbfounded look as well as “I don’t like to think about that stuff.” My favorite was “I’m just trying to live. I don’t ask questions.” I have very pronounced thoughts on the subject. Everything I am, you are too reader. Let me explain.

When you take away all that is circumstantial about yourself, you simply cease to be. Personality? Based on setting and conditioning. Body? Genetics. Consciousness? There’s the tricky one but let’s be real, no brain equals no knowing you’re here so I’ll chalk it up to biology. I think that means you’re bonded to greater things.

Let’s do what I just did to you with the entire universe. Strip it of stars and planets and galaxies and imagination and what are you left with but nothingness? You have arrived at the origin of everything. You don’t need anything.  You’re perfectly self sufficient this way. Yet still you vomit stars and planets and all the pretty stuff to become a universe. Why did you do this?

Now we’re getting to the meat of things. Why did all of this happen? I mean it really didn’t have to. Not when nothing worked so well, so why? Why are you reading this? Why did you get here? To understand we first have to go over a little something. You needn’t seek answers. The everything that is nothing has no answers because it doesn’t require any. It doesn’t need a back and forth of information. It simply needs to exist. It is nothing and thus possesses no reason for being. For in nothing, nothing exists. 

So again you wonder, why did everything start if nothing needed to? Why are there things when nothing was fine on its own? Once again I must point out that reason itself is an answer and that answers are things only living things need. Nothing has no reason. I guess what I’m trying to say is, it just happened. The universe I mean. One day it just started going and it’s kept at it since. It isn’t very romantic but it doesn’t care for such a concept. It simply exists and we’re here, in it and a part of it. Where does that leave you? You may wonder. Well, it’s up to you. You can do whatever you want. What you can do is understand you’re nothing before everything else. You also don’t have to listen to me at all. Do you. Live now.