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How to Choose Your Major

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Seniors and juniors alike at Leonia High School are struggling to figure out what major or career path they want to pursue after high school. Thankfully LHS is proactive in helping students find the right path for them. Juniors can sign up for college meetings with their counselors to help with everything that comes with trying to decide on a college and a major. Some students have also taken this research into their own hands to figure out what they want to pursue in college.

Nour Karkus, a senior at Leonia High School, told us about her journey in figuring out what major is best suited for her. “I changed my mind a lot,” Nour says, “So the outside activities that I did didn’t help much with my decision on what major I wanted. For example I took art classes since I wanted to go into architecture, but I found out how little I enjoyed it. So I would tell any underclassmen to start thinking early rather than later.” Figuring out your major is a tumultuous process so starting early is never a bad thing; it is always about trial and error. 

Adam Arriola, a junior at Leonia High School talks about what students should keep in mind while figuring out what college is best for them. Adam suggests, “Look through the college programs you wish to enroll in and make sure they have a good foundation set for you and your major, make sure you already have a foundation of what you want to major in” Making sure you have a good understanding of what exactly your major entails can be very helpful in figuring out which is best suited for you. 

Ms. Lundy, a case manager at Leonia High School, explains how she helps students find the best major for them, “I recommend taking interest surveys and strength surveys; like those available on naviance.  I also recommend speaking to different adults you respect and may like the career of to see what major they had in college.”

Using what Leonia High school has to offer in terms of college resources can not only help you figure out your major, but also colleges you might want to attend. She also explains that students don’t need to declare any major until the end of their sophomore year in college. The students at Leonia High School can rest easy knowing that there are a bunch of resources and staff members who are capable of helping them through this very difficult time in deciding their major. 

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