Student Life

School in the Afternoon?

Do you feel tired or unprepared when you go to school? Do you think that if school started at a later time you would feel more refreshed and prepared to start school? Letting students have that option can make them more comfortable and even more willing to go to school. 

Having the freedom to choose what time your classes begin can impact your day throughout your daily routine. Some students can be naturally early birds and just prefer to get school done and other students feel that if school started at a later time, it would make them more prepared to start their school hours. Having a flexible schedule that caters to your needs can also help you operate better and maybe even enjoy going to school.

This concept could make you feel more prepared but it also might make you feel more comfortable when beginning your day or afternoon to go to school since the school hours would be adjusted to your liking. This idea also especially appeals to students that have a long transportation route to go to school, having them wake up to school much earlier than a person who lives closer. 

I have interviewed one student, Lilly a junior, attending Leonia high school asking “ If there was an option for you to choose between an afternoon school or morning school what would you choose?” She responded by saying“ Personally I would choose afternoon since it gives me more time to organize myself based on the school hours I have to do.” Then we proceed to chat about the possible disadvantages of having afternoon classes, such as less availability in the afternoon.