Student Life

Leonia High School Loves Shoes

On a daily basis, the most common pair of shoes seen at Leonia High School are Fila Disruptors. Red, pink, white, logo, no logo, there are so many different versions. When the shoes came out, they were very popular to have in just clean white. But since then, the company, Fila, has come out with 10, maybe 100 more styles. Rose gold, silver, pastel pink yellow blue, green, anything you can think of, even custom prints. Every day at school students notice shiny cherry red disruptors with a white heel, half pink half burgundy Filas with a white heel.

Another common footwear choice is Jordan 1s. They can be seen worn by both guys and girls in many colors with a large variety of sizes. Jordan shoes have been a popular choice among teens for years, because of the variety of different styles and colors, their most popular in Leonia High School would be the styles 1s, 4s and 11s. Jordan 1s are Jordan Nike Air Forces, the first style of shoes for the line, of course it would be the most popular and most memorable. The shoes come in high top and low, in every color you can imagine, and sometimes they even support different charitable organizations, however, they can get very expensive. 

But, of course, you can never forget the OG. Nike Air Force 1s. They come in high top and low, white and black, and are customizable to your exact specifications. The majority of people have owned, or currently own a pair of white air forces, the most basic staple shoe known. You’ll see them written on, painted, deconstructed. Leonia students have worn them to school, to games, in gym, biking, running, anything you can think of, even to music festivals. “I wore my Air Forces to a music festival and they got really dirty and i had to re-up,” says Fatou Kamagate who wore her Nike Air Forces to Rolling Loud. “They get beat up, buy another pair”. That’s how it is with Air Forces. 

Timberlands have also been popular among students in Leonia High School. Timberlands are great for anyone who needs boots to protect from the weather. They’re comfortable and warm and they can even be seen on construction sites. They come in heeled, no heel, steel toe, and different color options. In Leonia, I’ve seen black and tan Timbs. “I chose these black Timbs because they look cool. They’re black and fit well with black jeans. It might rain a lot, it might snow a lot, gotta be prepared.” says Jason Kim, wearing another popular shoe. No wonder Leonia students like these shoes, they help you in the rain, they’re stylish and comfortable, staple shoes.