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Holiday Polls

Since the holiday season is rapidly approaching people are starting to get in the festive mood, highly anticipated holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. This brought up the question, what are the students in Leonia High Schools’ favorite holiday. In a poll on it stated that Christmas was the most popular holiday taking 46% of the votes. Students were given the options to choose between Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Thirsty students were asked what holiday was their favorite.
Halloween had 7 votes. People claimed that Halloween was their favorite holiday because of the candy and how it was fun to get creative and put on costumes because it’s the only holiday that you have that type of creative freedom.
9 said that Thanksgiving was their favorite holiday. Most of their reasons being that they go to see family that they don’t often get to see. An additional benefit they added would obviously be the food that was made.
10 people said that Christmas was their favorite. Aside from what the obvious materialistic reasons are like the gifts, people said that they liked Christmas for the same reason people enjoyed Thanksgiving. Some also said that they enjoyed Christmas because you are able to give back to other people and think about creative gifts. In addition, people stated that they liked Christmas better because it has a longer break than Thanksgiving. A freshman, Brooke Peller said, “ Christmas is honestly really fun because of the season, making hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies is one of my favorite parts about the holiday season”.
The last holiday is New Years, 4 people chose this as their favorite. Freshman, Emmy Morello, was quite passionate about how New Years was the best holiday. She went on to say, “It’s the best because the parties that are thrown on New Year’s Eve are always so fun, I enjoy this holiday the most around this season.”
The results of the poll revealed that Christmas was the most popular holiday and that New Years was the least popular holiday among students at Leonia High School. Christmas had around 33% of the votes, Thanksgiving was the second most popular with 30% of the votes, Halloween with 23% of votes and lastly New Years with only 14% of the votes. This shows how popular of a holiday Christmas really is and why people enjoy the holiday so much in general.