Student Life

Color Wars! Another let down for the SENIORS

Spirit Week is finally here! LHS finally getting the chance to show some tremendous school spirit right before the upcoming homecoming dance, with spectacular and mind boggling days and the annual Boys Volleyball Color Wars Tournament.

The Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen went head to head last Monday. This year, the Seniors wore rubescent red, the Juniors wore shining light blue, the Sophomores wore atramentous black, and the Freshmen wore lavender purple. Everyone had high hopes the Seniors were going to win the tournament, because of their powerful starting six: Sayid Elmoudini, Tate Irby, Ryan Nakajima, John Weber, David Koslow, and Eren Cimsir.

The Seniors hoped to finally win this year’s Boys volleyball tournament.

I asked senior Tate Irby on his predictions on this year’s tournament, he said: “Well Kaustubh, our seniors are the best and the brightest, we are bold and incredibly good-looking, with our teams’ great communication skills and physical strength, there is no way we could lose this tournament.”

However, Tate Irby’s confidence was shattered after losing terribly in every game except against the freshmen. Their hopes of winning the Color Wars tournament was taken from the fierce, and under-estimated Sophomores. The Sophomores dominating every game in the tournament, beating the Seniors 11-5, Freshmen 11-6, and Juniors 11-9.

I interviewed Dr, Bertollini on the result, he said: “It was expected, seniors never win.” He was right, last year, there were high hopes that the former seniors were going to win, but there were just poor communication and less athleticism shown during both years.

Is seniority hitting seniors too hard or have these two years been unlucky? Lets hope, our upcoming will break the streak and finally have the seniors win Color Wars for once.