Student Life

Students Deserve Better Parking

With new construction at the high school, students have been forced to park in the last row of the parking lot, not always guaranteed a spot. The new wing began construction in the summer of 2017, leading into the school year. Due to this, teachers who usually parked in the Ray avenue parking lot were forced to park near the front entrance. With the surplus amount of cars in the main parking lot, students have been physically and emotionally tormented.

As a student who plays a sport, I usually come to school sore from practice, and the last thing I want to do is walk even more in the morning. Many student at Leonia High school share this problem with me, and their voices have been heard. Varsity soccer played Gabby Cintron said “The worst part of my day by far is the dreadful walk from my car (which is parked all the way in the back near the buses), to the entrance of the high school.”

You can clearly see how this parking situation is harmfully affecting students, only adding stress to their day.

Not only is the walk long and exasperating, the emotional strain of finding a parking spot is ludicrous. Many seniors who live in Edgewater use driving their personal vehicle to commute to the school. At times when there is traffic and you’re rushing to school, not finding a parking spot can be the difference between being tardy or on time. This problem didn’t occur last year, because not every teacher at Leonia high school parked in the main lot. With every staff member parking near the front entrance, the availability of parking spots has declined, resulting in students being overwhelmed with stress and physically exhausted by the time they sit down in homeroom.

The senior class as a whole is on the brink of going clinically insane due to this preposterous 50 yard walk that has left many exhausted and drained of energy.