JFK Files Release Mostly Unredacted

On October 28, the previously classified files containing all the information about President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s controversial assassination were released. These files were released unredacted and unfortunately contained nothing we didn’t already know. The release of the files have not wavered the conspiracy community’s ability to come up with new wacky theories about the assassination. What the files did contain however was a plethora of plans to kill Communist Cuban leader Fidel Castro. One of these included hiring Chicago Mafioso Don, Sam “Momo” Giancana to slip botulism pills into Castro’s drink in order to kill him. Another two of the more ridiculous plans preyed on Castro’s love of skin diving. There was a plan in which the C.I.A. would line Castro’s diving suit with Toxic fungi that would kill him. There was also a plan to put explosives into a seashell. The hope was that he would pick up the shell and it would set off the explosion.

There was talk of another operation titled ‘BOUNTY’ in which regular Americans would be rewarded or given a “bounty” for killing known Communists. These bounties ranged from $5,000 to $100,000 depending on the target. The biggest bounty by far was Fidel Castro himself coming in at $100,000.  

Unlike most people predicted there was almost nothing new to be learned from these documents. The Government finally shed light on the whole situation and it’s basically the same as the Warren Report which detailed the assassination in full. There will still always be conspiracy theories and nuts that believe in two shooters or LBJ’s hit-man. Surprisingly now that we have all the info it has only added fuel to the fire.