The Leonia Girls Tennis Team

The Leonia High School has a thriving Girl’s Tennis program including, which has shown the most promise than ever before.

Eu Jin Choi, one of the captains of the Girls Tennis Team said the following: “The girl’s tennis team is a very supportive and has a tight knit sisterhood. We have implemented a system of players teaching other players.”

Another senior on the girl’s tennis team is Lea Choe, who agreed that the team is very close to each other. Lea also noted how the team helps with things outside of the tennis team including classes and homework.

Fellow senior Zoey Beck told us that “The team has a nice social environment in which no one gets cut from the team,” explaining why the team seems to be so huge compared to other schools. This is seen as a plus side when it comes to the social environment. One thing Zoey and Lea agreed on was that there was no one MVP of the team “because everyone plays a different role.” 

So will the team be able to make it through and make it to the State finals? Only time will tell.