The Le’veon Fantasy World

What is enough money for you? For some, millions are not enough. In today’s NFL, players get paid millions of dollars. Some players do not feel they get paid or offered enough money that equals to their skill. Le’veon Bell, a 3-time Pro Bowler and 2-time First Team All Pro Player, feels this persecution.

In the 2018-19 season the Pittsburgh Steelers initially offered a one-year deal worth about 14.5 million dollars. Bell decided to turn this down because he did not believe it matched the expense of a player at his caliber. This is not just an issue for the Pittsburgh’s franchise, this is also affecting fantasy owners and fans that selected this top player in hopes of a bluff. These owners took a risk for an incredible first pick player that could give hundreds of points or flat out none.

Bell’s failure to appear at the Steelers first few games and his subsequent removal from there roster has cost fantasy owners plenty of virtual points and real money. Shawn Irby, student at Leonia High School claims “If Bell had true love for the game he would play. […] If you currently have Le’veon Bell on your fantasy team I highly suggest trading him ASAP.”