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Let’s Save the Arctic

     In the year 2020 many changes have occurred but one thing that has been changing for years now is earth’s northern landscapes. Due to global warming the Arctic region is very close to turning green meaning the icebergs are melting, polar bears are living in warmer climates and that is a huge problem that we as a community could fix. 

 Allow me to take you back to when you were a kid in elementary school learning about the Arctic, learning about the adorable polar bears and the beautiful landscapes that the arctic holds. Being reminded of this, these adorable polar bears and beautiful landscapes are in danger and it is up to us to help make a better change and bring the Arctic back to what it once was.

In an article that was published by Nasa Warming Temperatures Are Driving Arctic Greening states that “a new study found the region has become greener as warmer air and soil temperatures lead to increased plant growth.” Due to temperature increase globally we have all suffered and continue to suffer from global warming but it isn’t just as humans that suffer. Global warming affects animals, plants, landscapes and insects daily. 

Global warming affects everyone and everything around us. Because of global warming Glaciers have shrunken themselves, ice on rivers and lakes are breaking up earlier,  plant and animal ranges have shifted and trees are flowering sooner than they have before. Those are  not  even all of the environmental changes that are occurring, but it is enough for us to realize that this is a serious issue. Kate Ramsayer states “When the tundra vegetation changes, it impacts not only the wildlife that depend on certain plants, but also the people who live in the region and depend on local ecosystems for food.” This is important information because it not only brings awareness to people about global warming, but it also shows that not only are humans suffering, but the animals and planet are too. 

Students at Leonia High School have noticed the drastic change in our climate and when I interviewed them asking about their opinions on the topic and their worries, one individual stated ““Global Warming is very real and something we should all pay attention too”. If we as a community do not come together and try to help make a change, then no change will be done and it will only get worse. Another student stated “Just a couple weeks ago it was 70 degrees in Leonia (it’s November) that alone should get people to worry”. 

We as people have the power to help make a change and help decrease the issues of global warming. Not only should we be doing for us, but for future generations as well. As kids we all grew up learning about the arctic and its beauty, it is definitely something worth saving. Global warming isn’t only affecting the arctic; it is affecting the whole entire planet, but once the arctic turns green there is not much we can do then. 

We should not wait and see if global warming can fix itself because each of us have the power to help out in any way possible,in the littlest ways and in the biggest of ways.