Better Call Saul Back for Season Two

Better Call Saul, starring Bob Odenkirk, is the AMC spin-off prequel of Breaking Bad, created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Mould. Now in its second season, the show follows Jimmy McGill, an attorney with an online degree looking to make a name for himself and build his practice in the shadows of his successful older brother, Chuck. In its first season, Better Call Saul earned seven Primetime Emmy Award nominations including Outstanding Drama Series, plus a pair of Critics’ Choice TV Award; Season One concluded with Jimmy declining a lucrative job opportunity and swearing to friend Mike Ehrmantraut that his days of following the rules and “playing the game straight” are over. McGill then rides off into the sunset, leaving behind all he had worked so hard to accomplish.

The second season of show, which aired on February 15, is now two episodes in, and is off to a much different start than most expected. Despite his promise to friend and associate Mike at the finale of season one, Jimmy has now reconsidered his refusal of the job opportunity at law firm Davis & Main. Thanks to his friend and love-interest Kim, Jimmy called Davis & Main once more to accept the job, and to continue on a case he had spent time on as a freelance attorney in season one. Finally satisfied and content with his position, Jimmy sits back in his new office, looks out the window at his new company issued Mercedes Benz, and smiles. Knowing “Slippin’” Jimmy, however, this wave of good fortune is sure to go away soon.

Better Call Saul appears on AMC Monday nights at 9:00 Eastern time.