Album of the Year: 25

Adele’s newest song, “Hello,” made the biggest Youtube debut of 2015- reaching 50 million views in its first 2 days. Following the song teaser, she confirmed her much anticipated third studio album, 25, which was released on adele-25-album-coverNovember 20, 2015, after a four year wait. The ten time Grammy winner apologized for her delay in the release of her new music, but since then has welcomed a son, Angelo. While raising him, she suffered from writer’s block and rescheduled studio sessions, taking a break from the music industry but had a breakthrough in 2013.

Adele released eleven songs as a reflection of her life at 25 years old. She announced on Twitter that unlike her last record which was a “break-up record”, 25 is a “make-up record”, that includes “making up with herself, lost time and everything she ever did and never did”. For the most part, 25 sticks to dealing with heartbreak, motherhood, and regret which make up the lyrics of her songs, according to an interview with Adele by Rolling Stone.

Through her music, Adele releases her raw, emotions which is accompanied with big, piano ballads, strings and brass instruments. According to The Guardian, “the songs are invariably beautifully delivered,” suggesting the reason for her global success and the labelling of 25 as a “masterpiece.”

As of this week, Adele’s album is still No. 1 on the Billboards, even after ten weeks following its release. The singer has been busy performing at various award shows like the Grammys and the BRIT Awards where she won album of the year.

The 27-year-old has set 105 dates, across Europe and North America for her 25 world tour, which started on Monday in Belfast. At the arena, she played seventeen songs over two hours to a crowd of 11,000 fans. According to E! News, “Adele rose up on a platform in the center of the arena and launched into the first three songs of her set, which were “Hello,” “Hometown Glory” and “One and Only”- truly a night to remember.



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