Parental Supervision Goes Too Far

Maria Mikaela Rodriguez


Most parenting websites say that it is “ok” to “spy” on your children. Personally I agree that parents should have some kind of control over what their children do online. However, I also believe that everything has a limit. Some parents decide to take “spying” to the next level and that isn’t the way to go either. Being a teenager myself I understand how privacy becomes a big issue. Teenager wants their space, but they also want parents to trust them when they say they’re not doing anything bad online.

For both sides to level out, boundaries are set up in order for children and parents to feel comfortable with online activities. Tamsin Kelly, the mother of three and also the editor of, expressed her opinion on the subject. She states, “I wouldn’t demand that my child hands over their phone for me to check, but I would expect to be their Facebook friend, and for them to leave laptops downstairs at bedtime” Parents should be allowed to see what their children are posting and what they are showing the rest of the world. It also helps a child think twice before they do something they might regret. When only your friends are seeing what you post you don’t really think about what’s right and what’s wrong, but when you are aware that your parents are watching too you think twice about it. If you wouldn’t want your parents seeing what you are about to post then there is no reason to let anyone see it either.

When do things start going too far? Teensafe is one of the most famous apps that helps track your child’s activity. In my perspective this is going too far. It is ok for a parent to be aware of the sights that a child goes on, but to read every message is a bit too much. Teenagers want to be trusted and they want to know that they have their parents on their sides. If your child becomes aware that you were spying on them then the child would begin to loose trust in you. Communication is the key to a strong and healthy relationship with your child. If you’re lying to your child behind their back to spy on them then how is you lying to them any better than them lying to you?

Parenting websites state that it is ok for you to “spy” on your children online. From my perspective parents should be allowed to know what their children post online, as long as they also understand that a child needs some type of privacy and trust.

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