American Sniper

amsniper1American Sniper, directed by Clint Eastwood, is the story of a navy seal sniper, Chris Kyle, who served in Iraq and is known as the deadliest sniper in American history with a total of 160 kills. The movie is not only heart-warming and extremely intense, but overall emotional and hits hard to home for most Americans. Veterans watching the movie have commented on the accuracy of the film. Kyle’s veteran friends reported to CNN, “It’s eerie how much it felt like Chris, it’s like the spirit of Chris is exuding from Bradley and he’s playing this role.”

An article from CNN states that the movie is told from “a soldier’s eye.” The movie took in $105 million in its opening weekend. The movie is also reported to have drawn viewers that normally would not go to see these kinds of war movies, including women and elderly individuals. The movie has caught the attention of the nation.

The movie begins by sharing Chris Kyle’s early life in Texas and shows how he was as American as he could be. He is deployed to Iraq, where he makes a name for himself as a deadly sniper. Kyle reported to have more than 160 kills, but only 160 were confirmed. Tragically, after returning home from being in Iraq for four long years, Kyle was shot in 2013 at a gun range in Texas by another war veteran, and killed instantly.

One controversy with the movie lies in great deal to the fact that the movie portrays the entire life of the young American sniper, including his life at war, his life at home, and how he dies. CNN News theorizes that the movie will actually help Chris Kyle’s murder’s trial. The man who killed Kyle was a fellow Texan and veteran marine named Eddie Ray Routh. CNN’s Ed Lavandera reported that Routh’s family accused their son of having post-traumatic stress disorder, which was his motive for killing Kyle. Lavandera also reported that the movie will have a huge impact on the murder trial in the sense that Routh may not receive a fair trial any longer due to the promotion of the film.

Another huge controversy of the movie is displayed in numerous comments and tweets from the controversial critic and director Michael Moore. Moore tweeted about the movie saying, “My uncle killed by sniper in WW2. We were taught snipers were cowards, will shoot u in the back, snipers aren’t heroes and invaders r worse.” A recipient of the Medal of Honor commented back to Moore and criticized him for speaking with such ignorance. He informed Moore that snipers are the most skilled soldiers in the military and solely work to protect their country.

After Michael Moore posted that tweet about the film, celebrities took notice and jumped on his back about his insensitivity. CBS News reports that Blake Shelton commented back to Moore, “Sickens me to see celebrities or anybody slam the very people who protect their right to talk s**t. #truecowards”. And Jane Fonda wrote, “Just saw “American Sniper” Powerful. Another view of “Coming Home.” Bradley Cooper sensational. Bravo Clint Eastwood.”

In an interview with CNN, Bradley Cooper shares that one thing he knew about Chris Kyle was that he fought for Americans to have the right to complain about the perfection of their Frappuccino.