Best Inventions of 2016


Eagle 360

The Eagle 360 is a car that has much more maneuverability that a regular sports car, due to the spherical wheels, it can have a smoother and easier ride for the driver. The Eagle 360 uses magnetic connection in order to keep the car suspended from the tires. The tires will be 3D printed and will mimic natural brain coral; the tires will stiffen in dry conditions and soften when wet, delivering a superior efficiency and aquaplaning resistance. (pictured above)


Chevrolet Bolt


The Chevy Bolt is a innovative electric car and is the most efficient one on the market. After the relative success of the Chevy Volt, the company will introduce the 2017 Bolt to an eager audience. The Bolt can go from 0 to 60 in 6.5 seconds and boasts a 200 HP engine. At a top speed of 93 MPH, the Bolt is one of the most powerful electric cars on the market.


Better Shelter


Better Shelter is co-developed by The Ikea Foundation. It is a shelter that can be constructed in a few of hours and is geared towards people in need in an effort to help the plight of the homeless population. These houses can also be put up after a natural disaster for temporary housing. These buildings are cheaper to construct and allow people to have a sense of privacy and ownership (as opposed to a typical shelter that can house dozens of people.


Arc InstaTemp


The Arc InstaTemp is a thermometer that uses infrared light to obtain a internal body temperature. This helps parents and doctors that have resisting children that don’t want a thermometer under their tongue. The Arc InstaTemp also reads the internal temperature faster and more accurately.


IrukaTact (“Sonar Glove”)


Iruka is the Japanese word for “dolphin” – dolphins use sonar, and so do these gloves. It sends out sound waves that bounce back. The gloves then change the signals into pressing actions, which then the user feels, as if the object is there. This is a submersible haptic search glove that is mainly going to be used to find sunken ships and lost items in the ocean, lakes, and rivers.


HTC Vive


The HTC Vive is a virtual reality headset that connects to a computer to relay a game or simulation to the user. The Vive comes with two wireless controllers that enable in-game interaction with movement and view. The Vive brings a whole new world to virtual reality. Users can now control what they are doing in the simulation or game with handheld controllers instead of a keyboard. The HTC Vive also has motion sensors on the headset that monitor where you are (s0 you don’t go walk into a wall in your enthusiasm).


Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLED)


OLED Screens that prevent the use of back lights, present a cleaner more in-depth display. OLED Screens have an electroluminescent layer that emits light in reaction to electric stimulation. OLED produces no glare, and presents a crisper, cleaner display or color. OLED is used on televisions, monitors, phones, and tablets. OLED Screens can be places on objects that are bendable, you can have a completely cylindrical screen that has crystal clear display.


Reusable Rockets (Elon Musk’s SpaceX)


Elon Musk has developed a program that created rockets that vertically land and take off (VTOL Rockets). Most Rockets are only used once, then destroyed, the SpaceX can be used as many times as needed. With SpaceX, billions of dollars in rocket production can be saved. For landing, the rocket uses short bursts of rockets at the top and bottom of the rocket to execute small precise movements to keep the rocket vertical.


Phase One’s XP 100 Mega Pixel camera


This camera takes incredibly detailed images thanks to the one hundred mega pixel CMOS sensor. This camera is almost ten times as powerful as the twelve mega pixel camera that is found in the iPhone 7. Although this camera is spectacular and innovative design, it’s one hundred mega pixel camera costs a baffling $48,000. Regular cameras have split second exposures. The XP 100MP, can take up to one hour on exposures, with it’s extreme detain, it can show it’s full 100 mega pixel potential in breathtaking photographs.