DECA – Seeing Eye

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As part of NJ DECA’s community service project, Leonia DECA  raised a total of $600 to donate to The Seeing Eye. The Seeing Eye is the oldest existing guide dog school in the world. Those who are blind or visually impaired are given a sense of freedom and independence as they learn to make their way successfully with a Seeing Eye dog. As a chapter, Leonia DECA decided to help raise money for this cause. The best way to raise awareness of The Seeing Eye and to raise our goal of $600.00 was to utilize the school store, The Supplyin’ Lion. The posted flyers explained what The Seeing Eye is and how profit from the month of January would be donated to this organization. Leonia DECA members worked in the school store to keep the store open so that sales could be maximized during this time period.



article contributed by Simran Kaur