New Korean Freshman to Add Rare Diversity to Leonia High School…


[SATIRE] Leonia, NJ– Walking through the hallways of Leonia High School, one may notice the overwhelming abundance of white Caucasian students and the exceedingly rare, almost non-existent population of Korean students.

But history will be made this year at Leonia High School. For the first time in what seems to have been centuries, a single Korean student will be added to the student population of Leonia High School.

14 year-old Korean girl Min Jee Kim recently graduated from Leonia Middle School and lives in the city of Leonia. Being a South Korean citizen, she immigrated to America when she was just 9 years-old.

The Leonia Board of Education wasted no time trying to enroll Kim to Leonia High School.

“We’ve been watching Min Jee Kim thoroughly from 2010 when she immigrated to America,” said a school administrator, “As soon as we saw that she was Korean, we knew that she would be an important asset to our student population.”

Starting as early as the month of April, the Leonia Board of Education made sure that Leonia High School would be at the top of Kim’s high school list by offering her scholarships and the thousands of other unmatched benefits that Leonia has to offer.

“I mean, she’s not even Korean-American. She actually like a legit Korean straight out of the country of Korea. She’s a girl too! The deal can’t get much better than that!” stated an overjoyed student.