Autocorrect Confusion Leads to Lockdown

A north Georgia high school and middle school went on lockdown due to an innocent misunderstanding caused by the iPhone. A student from the Lanier Technical College tried to text his friend, saying that he would be near the West Hall High School and Middle School later in the day. He meant to write, “Gunna be at West Hall this afternoon,” but the autocorrect function on his iPhone changed it to, “Gunman at West Hall.”

The situation was further complicated when the texter sent it to the wrong number. The person reported it to the police immediately and both schools were on lockdown for about two hours, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. Although it was a “combination of odd circumstances,” as Sgt. Steven Wilbanks put it, we cannot take any chances, especially after the whole Ohio School shooting that took place just a few days ago. No arrests were made, and students resumed their normal class schedule.