Leonia DECA helps raise awareness of malaria through “Leonia Nothing But Nets”

Leonia High School’s DECA chapter has started the “Leonia Nothing But Nets” public relations campaign. Leonia DECA is a strong chapter of over 82 dedicated students part of the global association of marketing students.

This public relations campaign has strived to raise awareness of the epidemic of malaria in Africa. Every 30 seconds, a life is lost in the battle against malaria. Vaccines curing malaria do not exist and medication is too costly for families in Africa to afford. Nothing But Nets is a non profit organization which delivers insecticide bed nets to families in need. Nothing But Nets plans to provide a bed net to every family in need in Africa by 2015. With the help of Leonia DECA and the community we can help put an end to malaria! Each bed net is only $10.00, which can save a life. Malaria is easily preventable.

Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by parasites that are transmitted from one person to another through the bites of infected mosquitoes. The female anopheles mosquito is the only one to transmit malaria and primarily bites from 9pm to 5 am. Once the parasite enters the body, it goes to the liver, and multiplies about 10000 times. Two weeks after entering the body, it bursts into the blood stream. About 3.3 billion people – half of the world’s population – are at risk of malaria. People living in Africa are the most vulnerable to malaria. Children should be playing, making friends, and getting an education. Children under the age of five in Africa are stripped of their innocence and entitlements of childhood. Malaria not only takes a toll psychologically on children, but it also prevents them from getting an education. Malaria accounts for half of preventable absenteeism in African schools, causing up to 10 million missed days each year. Malaria also can cause lasting learning disabilities, preventing an innocent child from attaining an education.