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Now Playing: “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour”

On October 11, 2023, Taylor Swift premiered her new movie Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour in Los Angeles and released it worldwide on October 13, 2023. Since announcing this movie on August 31, 2023, many of her fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting to see the magic unfold.

Siena De Leon, senior at Leonia High School, expresses she is “most excited to see her evolution throughout the movie.” Along with talking about her excitement for the movie, Siena also notes, “I was young when her early albums came out, I only really noticed her evolution for the past five years.” A lot of people may relate to this seeing as Taylor had disappeared for over a year in 2016 due to the infamous drama between her and Kanye West.

Along with the newly released  Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie, Taylor also has two other documentaries revolving around her life and her tour. Miss Americana was more of an in depth documentary revolving around her coming up in the music industry, while Taylor Swift: Reputation Stadium Tour is a movie that revolves around her performances. Much like Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, both movies surround Taylor’s concerts, giving fans who didn’t initially get tickets a chance to be a part of the joy. 

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour covers the majority of songs played at the actual concert, yet it also depicts different angles and footage from the stage that most people in the stadiums wouldn’t have seen clearly. According to Rotten Tomatoes, 98% of people have enjoyed Taylor’s new movie, leaving room to speculate what impact it could leave on future generations.

Katerina Romanides, junior at Leonia High School, believes that the new movie will have a positive impact on her and explains how “other Taylor Swift fans like [her] have been looking forward to it for a while.” She also expresses how “it is also very important for viewers, because it is some people’s only chance to experience the tour.”  

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour was released strictly through AMC theaters instead of going through another company like Netflix or Hulu. She doesn’t only depict the concert in itself but also incorporates sidebars from fan jokes, to friendship bracelets, to doing dances to her songs created from her fans. Throughout the concert and movie she switches between all her different eras, or the past 10 albums she’s released throughout her 17 year career. All of these albums come together to create a two hour and 49 minute movie, ranging from the album she released in 2008 to her newly released album in 2022. All of these different eras give her fans the opportunity to experience their favorite albums and songs throughout the movie.

Katerina Romanides’ ’25 favorite song from Taylor Swift is from the Folklore album and it is titled “The Lakes.” She mentions she “can’t stop listening to it because it’s so good.”

Siena Di Leon’s favorite songs are both from the 1989 album and they are titled “Wonderland” and “Say Don’t Go.”

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour has now been released and is in theaters worldwide. If watching an entire concert from the comfort of the cinema is something you would enjoy, it is encouraged that you go watch it. 


Edited by: Katerina Romanides