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Drake’s New Album

Since the new Drake album dropped it has been the main topic. Everytime I open any music app I see it, and when it dropped all of my classes talked about it. Drake is widely known and liked at Leonia High School for many of his old songs, but I wanted to know the school’s thoughts on the new album. Here are some of the responses I got from other sophomores:


Do you personally like his new album or the ones from the past?

“Honestly not my favorite album, the lyrics that were chosen just didn’t go with the beat. Drake didn’t sound like Drake, it was a way different vibe then the rest of the albums.” – Abir Bhattacharya

 “Really fire album I like how when you wanna listen to Drake you can just pick the type of vibe.” – Aidan Isaiah George

“It was not my favorite album if I’m being honest, it isn’t the type of Drake I like to listen to.” – Jack Armstrong


Do you like his collaboration with 21 savage?

“The collaboration with 21 savage was fire. I liked it because they really compliment each other.” – Abir Bhattacharya

“The collaboration of 21 savage was not expected to be honest but it was alright.” – Aidan Isaiah George

As for the collaboration I feel like Drake really just fell into 21 savages type of music because this didn’t sound like Drake at all.” – Jack Armstrong


Do you like the style he chose for this album? 

“Definitely not my favorite style, they all were the same song in different formats.” – Abir Bhattacharya

“I do like the style of this playlist. It’s my type of music not too much of being in love like the last album but more of a single type vibe.” – Aidan Isaiah George

“The style of this playlist felt really forced [then when on] to being in an “I don’t care mood” and I didn’t like it.” – Jack Armstrong


There were many mixed opinions on the new album throughout Leonia’s student body. The majority of students really like the new album. Personally, Drake’s album wasn’t my favorite. I like the vibes of his old music better, and his old collaborations are better. His new music is too different from his old sound, and it’s like he’s trying to be somebody else. He’s trying something new and I just am not feeling it. Hopefully he’ll return to his roots in his next album.