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Efforts against COVID-19: Entertainment Edition

Almost a year has passed since the COVID-19 pandemic started, and it has forced many changes within our world. Thus, during these tough times, many have been looking for different ways to spend their excess free time, whether it’s with a new hobby or reading books to even listening to more genres of music. 

For one, music is a huge part of the entertainment industry and due to these circumstances, it may come as burdensome to many artists that need to get music out, film music videos, and even interact with their fans. They, however, have managed to stay connected with people and bring some light upon these demanding times by using alternative solutions. 

The music industry is trying to keep in touch with everyone and eliminate drowning in a puddle of loneliness during quarantine. For instance, many K-POP groups have held online fansigns and concerts, garnering mass media attention and support from their fans. 

Blackpink had their first online concert through Youtube on January 31, 2021, and “attracted over 280,000 viewers from across the globe (excluding China) and raked in up to 10.5 million USD from ticket sales”(Thanmay Arun, IB Times). 

Other groups like NCT and Treasure have also made efforts to interact with their fans through video call fansigns with people all around the world and released a variety of songs/albums to be of comfort to those who need it. NCT, especially, made up of different units, has released over 50 songs and 15 music videos in 2020 alone. 

Although overworked, many artists want to put out more music in hopes to lessen that extra sense of distance and loneliness these days. To see this effort, hopefully, those who are having a difficult time can be comforted knowing that they aren’t alone through this inner struggle.

Songs centered around COVID-19 and the exhaustion behind it have also come out. BTS, for instance, has recently released a new album called ‘BE’ with several songs. BTS Jin explains that “hopefully listeners can resonate with the lyrics, and in turn, comfort one another… The world seems to have stopped, but our life goes on”(Genius interview).

A senior from Leonia High School, who wants to remain anonymous, states that “the pandemic has posed a challenge for all, and perhaps these efforts give people the will to live. Knowing how artists adapt to these changes is motivational and encouraging”. The reassurance and warmth given towards one another can be the biggest driving force for a hopeful future.

When asked about efforts taken around them, the senior replied that “schools try their best to help in any situation. They offer computers and change the schedule when needed. Teachers also are more lenient with internet issues, etc”. Thus, effort can be seen everywhere. Schools, too, try to address situations in a way that deals the least amount of damage. 


The future holds uncertainty, however, finding mutual understanding within one another and uniting together can help overcome this crisis emotionally. By appreciating the efforts made, this memory could become more endurable and special in the long run.