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What are the trends on Tiktok that made it to your for you page? In 2020, hundreds of trends have roamed around the popular video platform throughout the year, let’s take a look at the most followed and favorited trends of Tiktok.
The most liked Tiktok of 2020-Bella Poarch’s M to the B. Known for her close up lip-syncing videos, Bella Poarch has over 49 million followers on the platform and 944.1 million total likes on her videos. The M to the B cover has 44.5 million likes making it the most liked TikTok, in close competition to Charlie D’Amelio’s dancing videos. With both hot and cold reactions from the Tiktok community, she is remembered as the “m to the b” tiktoker.

Another easy and general trend are the “What I Eat in a Day” videos. People would film themselves eating bits of their meals during the day in a 60-second video. This trend quickly became popular with the people that eat a lot during the day.

Tiktoks titled “let’s confuse the boys/girls” got the hype for being able to figure out so natural, yet obscured things about the opposite gender. “It’s funny seeing the boys so confused in the comments on the Tiktok girls make” exclaimed Rebekah Kim(sophomore at Leonia High School) when asked about her favorite part of the trend.

Besides, the trending themes, people upload baking videos to stories about their personal life. Tiktok is known as a platform where anyone can post anything (under the guidelines) they want to without getting judgments. Additionally, the media is favored by teenagers according to Oberlo stating that 41% of the users on Tiktok are between ages 16 and 24. Looking back at all the trends of Tiktok, what was the most memorable trend of the year for you?