Student Life

Parking Dilemma

The students, specifically the upperclassmen, of Leonia High School are tired of the lack of parking within the school’s parking lot. This is a recurring issue within the school that delays their education. The lack of parking stems from the Edgewater school buses parking in the student section. This leaves the students of Leonia High School to suffer the consequences. 

As the school year progresses, the race for parking spots is still ongoing. The issue of parking is negatively affecting the students of Leonia High School in different ways. I asked a few students their opinions on this situation.

Nour Karakus, a senior at Leonia High School explained that the hardships that come with the lack of parking have gotten her multiple detentions and she has to park much further than necessary at Overpeck Park. We asked her if she would take action against these pressing issues and she answered, “Yes because it is a problem and it’s affecting at least half of the students and their school life.”

We also heard from “Lulu,” another student from Leonia High School, who talked about his struggle with parking as he has also faced consequences from the confined parking lot. He stated, “I can’t park because there isn’t any space. If I’m over here trying to go to class and I can’t find a parking spot, then I’m late to class. Then I feel bad because I am late to class.” Lulu also explained in the interview that he has had to park at Overpeck Park numerous times and many of those times he got detention because of it.


Update: During the Senior and Junior class meetings on September 28th, the administration announced a change to parking rules at the high school. Only seniors are allowed to park in the lot for the rest of the year; juniors will not be able to park on school property.

Emma Vasquez